Organic Agriculture Production

In a holistic system, the biological gardens aim at optimizing the productivity and the health of diverse communities within the agricultural ecosystem, of which are a part the bodies of the ground, the plants, the animals and the population.

Therapeutic care and sale of health products

We define the Therapeutic Center as a place open to alternative methods that favors wellness and health. It will be, as a matter of fact, a cocktail of well being for the physical, emotional and spiritual.
Diverse therapeutical cares will be offered such as acupuncture, massages, phytotherapy, naturopathy, osteopathy, energy work.


Accomodation in ecohouses

The Eco-houses and the Center will be self-sufficient, we shall use alternative methods such as solar energy or geothermal science. Fresh water is accessible at 3 to 6 feet underground . We wish to offer you beauty and harmony in a concept which uses completely healthy and natural materials. Small therapeutic paths as well as gardens are going to surround the whole and children's games will be integrated into the gardens of the site. We wish our houses to be really unique.

Catering Service

The produce of our organic cultures will be catered on our tables, prepared by ourselves to offer to our tourists, visitors, workers and participants a healthy diet, alive, biological and innovative.
The nutritional quality is a major goal of our mission.

Entertaining and cultural activities

Pleasure, art and culture: the Oasis Center of Life will also be a place of creation, where the art will hold a major place

Everyone should find something who fascinates him : deckchair, course  on the human DNA,  tour on a sailboat ...

It will be an ideal place for holidays, self-awareness, pleasure and enriching meetings.

Transfer of knowledge : trainings, workshops, events

Transfer of knowledge: a central pavilion will serve as place for meditation, rooms for consultation and care will be available as well as spaces reserved for the trainings. We plan to receive qualified people and leading experts who will teach their discipline or will propose on-the-spot conferences.

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Ecotouristic and Therapeutic Center

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