The Bahamas, an archipelago of 700 islands, welcomes every year several million of tourists.  

It should be noted that the majority of perishable foodstuffs are imported

while the local agricultural production is very insufficient.


The island of Abaco counts among its residents  people of all nationalities.

The island is known for its big sailors' circulation and favored by many winter residents

that occupy some of the finest cays of the archipelago. 

Abaconians are opened to a responsible and sustainable development and care for the wildlife.


The inevitably increasing tourism industry thus entails nowadays a high demand in fresh organic produce

with the hotels and resorts avid to satisfy their clientele always more concerned about its health.

We present you in some exhaustive images the charming island of Abaco

and some leisure activities offered on the site.



For obvious reasons, the agro-project of Oasis Atlan will develop in 3 major phases

Phase 1

  • We chose to implant the biological gardens by basing ourselves on the permaculture principles. The governing idea of the permaculture is to respect and to harmonize the needs for the earth and the agricultural crops.

  • Permaculture will be more integrated on the second year. We shall therefore produce fresh vegetables and fruits in abundance, Once the Oasis Farm will be functional, we plan the opening of a restaurant proposing food in phase of seeding called collectively alive food. Nevertheless this type of restoration will be compatible with other food types.


Local newspaper of Abaco

Phase 2

  • Emergence and development of the Center of Life.

  •  It will be an educational setting aiming at facilitating encounters, experiencing sharing and creation.  We will suggest playful themes, relaxation courses and meditation along with a great variety of outdoor activities.

  • We define the Therapeutic Center as a place open to alternative methods that favor wellness and health. It will be, as a matter of fact, a cocktail of well being for the physical, emotional and spiritual.

  • Diverse therapeutical cares will be offered such as acupuncture, massages, herbalist's shop, naturopathy, osteopathy, energy and other care.

  • Transfer of knowledge: a central pavilion will serve as place for meditation, rooms for consultation and care will be available as well as spaces reserved for the trainings. We plan to receive qualified people and leading experts who will teach their discipline or will propose on-the-spot conferences.

  • Pleasure, art and culture: the Center of Life will also be a place of creation, where the art will hold a major place.

 Each and everyone should find something that fascinates him (deckchair, course on human DNA, sailboat and snorkeling.

 It will be an ideal place of holidays, of ressourcement, pleasure and enriching encounters.

Phase 3

  • Finally on the third or fourth year, we are going to be able to receive you with your family or within a group in small ecological houses located in a welcoming nature. We shall propose weekly themes but everyone will be free to choose its own activities.

  • The Eco-houses and the Center will be self-sufficient, we shall use alternative methods such as solar energy or geothermal science. Fresh water is accessible at 3 to 6 feet underground . We wish to offer you beauty and harmony in a concept which uses completely healthy and natural materials. Small therapeutic paths as well as gardens are going to surround the whole and children's games will be integrated into the gardens of the site. We wish our houses to be really unique.

Oasis Atlan

Ecotouristic and Therapeutic Center

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