You have a gift, a talent or a knowledge which could help us

in the development phase or when we shall be in operation.

Once a preliminary agreement on your interest of service has been concluded with us,

you can take advantage of your association either in negotiated remuneration

or the equivalent in accommodation and food. 

when we shall be capable of welcoming people.
You can choose to accompany us in the preparation

of this immense achievement in various stages of our evolution.

You can guide us from the beginning towards a realization of the objectives

by your advice and your support according to your expertise,

or in phase of realization, by offering your knowledge or your skillfulness for a week,

one month or more.

We shall be happy to welcome You … Let us know your interest,,,


You have the opportunity to participate in the birth of this unique place

as a  co-creator by being a sponsor, a benefactor,

a collaborator , a lender or a shareholder.

The first way is to talk about it, by word of mouth.

It is going to make it even more vibrant, more alive and will help the realisation and the anchoring of the Oasis. I


f you have no means of helping us financially, you can still participate because we have created other ways to be a part of the Oasis…