Our project it is a civil society project sharing choices, efforts, determination

as well as the intellectual, financial and entrepreneurial abilities

of individuals calling on their discernment

but mainly on their deep concern for humanity.

  • Being tolerant and without prejudice towards ourselves and others

  • Be inspired by the ecosystems of nature in our farming methods, our interpersonal relations and the management of our business;

  • Remain flexible, open and in the simplicity:

  • Keep a global approach in all things



  • Respect our deep nature and those of others

  • Become aware of the responsibility of our actions, words, and thoughts;

  • Limit our ecological footprint: reduce our waste, reuse, repair and recycle; 

  • Aim at responsible consumption, self-sufficiency in water use and autonomy in the field of energy ;

  • Favor local and eco-responsible purchases.


  • Develop our creative power and become a source of inspiration for the future generations;

  •  Get out of paradigms and old beliefs: experiment, innovate and look for new ways to create and to live; 

  • Equip the participants in a practical way for a better individual and collective wellbeing so that they become themselves engines of change.

  • Use the arts, the culture and the games as vectors of a message promoting our values; 

  • Be an experimental model of eco-responsible and societal development;

  • Have a multiplying and rippling effect: spread, exchange, inform, share with the local and international community advances and discoveries of our group..



Oasis Atlan

Ecotouristic and Therapeutic Center

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