Both promoters of Oasis Atlan have a robust experience in organic agriculture and health tourism in the Bahamas having already operated very successful organic gardens and an innovative Health Center on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas They were the pioneers of the concept Health Vacations in the South in 1985.  Louise Bergeron initiated in January 1985 the first workshops in holistic health with her partner Raymond Fowler who was beginning his experiments in organic farming.

The concept was to give different workshops which according to the disciplines of the invited therapists offered antigymnastics, reflexology, shiatsu, yoga, psychosynthesis, creative dance beside daily sessions of meditation or t’ai chi.

The concept became popular and took a big expansion in Quebec. The food was vegetarian and the many free activities combined multiple experiences bound to the discovery of the island and the local culture. The Serenity Center was destroyed by hurricane Andrew in1992.

Augusta Sun Produce, the second organic farm of the founders was created in 1997 after 5 years of planning and developing it to a higher level of production in order to meet the necessary demands of the Bahamas. Their produce were exported to the capital and they became a very well-known brand for their variety and quality produce in the various resorts and touristic establishments of the country. They were supported in the endeavour by the Bahamian Government and the Caribbean Agricultural Research Development Institute (CARDI) from Trinidad who provided technical assistance.  The business was in operation for 3 years and had to close office due to weather conditions.

They unfortunately had to temporarily give up their passion and their dreams. They are coming back at present, supported by a successful team which allows the continuity of the project and the fundamental values promulgated by the founders.

Oasis Atlan aims to be a place of reference, exchange, promoting global health and the empowerment of human beings towards their environment and their community.

Oasis Atlan will welcome individuals, families or groups from around the world who will come to experiment a greater well-being of body, mind and spirit.

Raymond and Louise

The pillars of the group created this magnificent project.

It is at first the creation

of biological gardens

and then the construction

of a therapeutic eco-tourist center on the island of Abaco

in the Bahamas.

Mission of Oasis Atlan

Products et services

offered at Oasis Atlan 

Oasis Atlan cultivates organic fruits and vegetables, offers accommodations in eco-housing, healthy nutritious food, services of therapeutic care and trainings in an atmosphere of harmony and pleasure.


Oasis Atlan also proposes a multitude of varied activities which combined to the educational aspect of its mission makes it a Center ofinternational therapeutical ecotourism.

Vision of Oasis Atlan

  • Oasis Atlan longs to be an international reference in global health distancing itself through an ecological approach, its style of management and its innovations. 


  • Oasis Atlan wishes to participate by its contribution to the rise of global consciousness.


  • Oasis Atlan aims to become a platform of exchange and sharing which brings various communities around common values.

  • Rise of the individual and collective level of consciousness to inspire action towards an harmonious model of interaction of man with his environment.

  • Multiplication, outside of Oasis Atlan, of individual or collective choices towards an autonomy in the field of energy, a healthy alimentation, an eco-responsible agriculture and a global health.

  • Collaboration with the local population, therefore encouraging the entrepreneurial initiatives.

  • Creation of stimulating jobs favoring the emergence of the talents.

  • Development of an international network of mutual aid and exchange.

  • Transmission of viable and sustainable models to the future generations.

  • Responsable contribution to other humanitarian or social projects sharing our values benefit from our success..

Expected results from Oasis Atlan


Oasis Atlan

Ecotouristic and Therapeutic Center

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