The people

who make up the company base

have skills in the following areas  :


 - Business and entrepreneurship 

 - Agronomy, permaculture. fruits and vegetable production

 - Conceptualization and writing, information technologies,

management and strategic planning 

 - Financial services and accounting

- Food and nutrition, education and teaching,

- Communication and public relations,

information and marketing

- Neuropsychologie, nursing and therapeutic

onsultations, energy care,

- Leisure and outdoor recreational activities 

- Building and construction

Aurélie Delecourt,

French, lives in USA

Raymond has a Certificate in Hotel and Catering.
Raymond is a visionary that has been the pioneer of organic farming in the Bahamas introducing new vegetables to the market as early as 1986. He studied and completed his Certificate in Hotel and Catering and worked in the Hospitality Industry for many years until he decided to follow his passion. He operated Augusta Sun Produce Ltd.., a property located in Eleuthera from 1997 to 2000 when Hurricane Floyd destroyed the business.

He was a consultant in China for a company that required advices on organic farming projects for 3 consecutive years. His skills are in agricultural business development, permaculture, fruit and vegetable production, public relations and sales. He is fluent in French and English.
Raymond Fowler

Marcel completed a DEC and a Certificate in Information Technologies and courses in management.


He was employed for 32 years at Hydro-Québec in a managerial position and technical services. In retirement since a few years, he is strongly involved in his community with several social organizations. He is a IT supporter of the web site of the market of Charlevoix, member of the workgroup on the grouping of the parishes of Charlevoix-Est, volunteer to the municipal library and to the rolling cooking, etc.).

He likes manual labour, fishing and walking. His skills are in information technology, administration and technical support. He has great knowledge in building.

Lucette has a BSc. in Nursing. She first studied in Nursery School and afterwards went to a Family Institute. She is the proud mother of 3 beautiful daughters and 1 boy. She returned to Nursing School at the age of 41 and got her degree in that field. She successfully practised this profession during 15 years.

Lucette returned with her husband to the region of Charlevoix where she actively participated in the construction of their house. She is a joyful volunteer and her activities alternate between walking, yoga, stretching, bicycling and dancing.

She loves to cook, to meditate and lives by holistic health principles. Her fascination for nutrition and healthy food are well known and appreciated. She is alert and constantly searching for new discoveries to ameliorate her understanding of life. Her skills are in the field of alimentation, food and nutrition, nursing, spirit filled joy and love.
Aurélie has a Degree in Neuro-psychology.
Aurélie is a vibrant and spontaneous person that left France to discover the world and her passions. She was formed as a neuropsychologist and worked in that field few years in France before moving first to Canada and then to the USA. She is a Reiki Master and trained in “ Clair ressenti and Geobiology” with the school of Yann Lipnick ( France).
She is very creative and full of ideas. She developed a passion about raw food, vegetarian kitchen and healing work and loves to experiment.

She sailed with her family on their catamaran in the direction of Abaco, Bahamas as to be part of the Oasis Atlan project. Her skills are in conceptualisation, alimentation, ener-gy work, leisure, sports, neuro-psychology and creative marketing.
Louise completed a BSc. in Politics and a Master Degree in Communications.

She started her career as a scenarist and became film director in Quebec, Canada where she performed her love for the documentary for more than 15 years with an account of 60 productions under her belt. She actively pursued that trend once she got to the Bahamas while actively developing the agricultural business with her husband. She opened the Serenity Center in 1985 and developed a keen interest in an holistic approach for body, mind and spirit.
She is passionate about global health, healthy food and the causes of the diseases.  On her return to Quebec, she trained as an energy therapist with Anne Givaudan's school and “Voie d’entrée dans l’inconscient (VEI)” with Viola Doiron . She has her own practice In Chicoutimi, Quebec where she helps people to re-align themselves with their real essence and to reconquer their internal voice. She trained as well in   “ Clair ressenti and Geobiology” with the school of Yann Lipnick ( France).

Her skills are in the field of business development, conceptualization and writing, communication, teaching, marketing, therapeutics and energy work.

Raymond Fowler,



Management model

of Oasis Atlan


Oasis Atlan is a Bahamian Company limited 

by shares that will be administrated by

a management committee under a managing director.

- The decisions will be taken and applied by the committee according to the laws and regulations of the Articles

of Association that are governed

by The Companies Act 1992.

- The management committee will preside over

the financial commitments of the company

to its creditors.

- The profits of each step will be

reinvested in the following phases

of the project.

Oasis Atlan

Ecotouristic and Therapeutic Center

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